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Each project undertaken by the group is planned from idea to completion. We undertake the tasks and manage the processes required in today's complex property and construction environment, from compliance to design, construction and sales.




Ideal for multiple uses including food manufacturing, general manufacturing and modern warehousing distribution facilities. Pre lease to have the opportunity to tailor buildings to your requirements.

Each step taken requires thought and planning to ensure problems are avoided during the development, construction or delivery stage. Teren Group can assist you in building your next project.

Aerial View of a Suburb


Teren has in excess of 30 years experience in the subdivision of residential and commercial/industrial land. Our skills involve successful sourcing of sites, planning, permit negotiation, sales and construction casting of civil works for subdivisions and various property assets.


Teren has a long history of undertaking successful commercial developments, from earmarking sites with potential to develop, to creating designs that will meet with today’s standards.

Modern Work Space
Empty Factory


Successful industrial projects involve the invitation and knowledge of the market across various areas. Having market knowledge of current and future growth areas has allowed Teren to develop industrial facilities with maximum sale returns.


Teren has undertaken a diverse range of residential projects in all areas of the residential sector including apartments, townhouses, single dwelling and luxury homes across metropolitan Melbourne.

Modern House with a Pool
Hospital Bed


The medical industry has been a sector in which Teren has been involved over the past 20 years. Our involvement has included medical centre development and construction for centres owned by the group to construction and fitout works undertaken for Medical Practitioners seeking new facilities.


Teren has been closely associated with the development and construction of childcare facilities for in excess of 20 years. Our developments have seen us deliver centres across several locations and involvement has included sourcing sites and operators, planning and permits, construction and Department of Human Services compliance as well as operational interests and sale of various assets.

Aerial Playground
Yellow Stairs



Teren has undertaken several developments and/or construction works for special purpose uses including aged care, public assembly facilities, commercial laundries, music recording studios and function venues. Our involvement as for many of the projects we undertake includes all steps from conception to delivery of end product.



The Teren Group has undertaken several developments within the Food industry from food manufacturing facilities to food retailing building and/or fitouts. Our involvement from A-Z services ensures that all aspects of the project are delivered and approved from not only a planning and building permit perspective but also in terms of ensuring that sites/facilities meet with all required Health Department requirements.

Elegant Bar


Teren Group can help you with all of your property needs. Contact us today and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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