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Building & Design

The Teren Group mantra is ‘Building success’. We ensure all our projects are undertaken with the utmost precision and detail to achieve our vision. By creating well designed buildings Teren Group sets the path for success.


Design is where science and art break even.” – Robin Matthew


Design has a significant impact on the success of any construction project. Understanding the objective of the project will dictate the visual and functional component of the building and development. Teren Group offers comprehensive design consultations covering building aesthetics, functionality and costs.


Teren Building Services is our in-house building division. Teren Building Services is a licensed builder with design and construction expertise across all property types. Our building expertise covers the broad spectrum of building services. Timely and efficient construction is fundamental to the success of any development project.


Teren Group can help you with all of your property needs. Contact us today and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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