Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand into a new warehousing space or a developer planning a new project, you need a construction team that can handle your building project from start to finish. With a reputation as the premier commercial developer Melbourne organisations turn to for their commercial and industrial construction needs, we offer a full suite of services. At Teren Group, we are a turn-key commercial builder Melbourne and can be relied on to manage your project to deliver it on schedule and within budget. Our focus is on quality and consistency and we work closely with our clients to ensure your project meets all your requirements.

At Teren Group, we strive to simplify the over-complicated building process. As a specialist industrial developer Melbourne, we bring unparalleled expertise to your construction project and can oversee the entire process from concept through to completion, ensuring all of your requirements are fulfilled. 


We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial building styles and understand each project is unique. Therefore, we provide custom designs to create a building that suits your specific needs.



We build warehouses for various types of uses:

  • Manufacturing

  • Import/Export

  • Agriculture

  • Production

  • Distribution Centres

  • Consolidated Warehouses

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Teren Group can handle construction and development to the scale our clients require.



We build your vision from the ground up, cultivating every facet of your ideal contemporary practice. Once we have identified your requirements, we’ll take you through the process that will lead to your vision’s realisation. Our previous projects include:


  • Dental Centres

  • Medical Centres/GP Clinics

  • Specialist Centres

  • Day Surgery Centres




We construct educational buildings on both large and small scales to create the most functional space for childcare, while adhering to the relevant requirements and government regulations.



Teren Group has the ability and experience to develop structures with unique designs, special construction materials or layouts depending on our client’s industry and needs. Some of our works in specialty areas have included:


  • Recording Studios

  • Cyclorama Walls for Photography

The Premier Industrial Developer Melbourne

As a market leader, we have constructed projects for some of Australia’s largest organisations. Our specialist team has expertise across a broad range of industries and understand that no two construction projects are the same, but the one common element is a foundation of trust.


As the premier commercial and industrial builder Melbourne, Teren Group offer a full end-to-end service from concept through competition and can help you with all of your property needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas and requirements and get started on your project.

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